Enabling Connection

Keeping the world connected is no easy task, and it is one that requires a lot of equipment and support. With our wide variety of expertise and the power of our global CVG network, FSE proudly provides data cabling solutions to the companies that keep the world in touch.

Quality of the Highest Fidelity

As a trusted telecommunications equipment supplier, our products are backed by our promise to deliver the highest quality from cradle to grave. Our commitment to quality ensures that you can trust that your FSE products will be reliable at all times, especially when you need them most. Evidenced by our many certifications, including ISO 9001:2015, ITAR, and NIST 800-171, our dedication to premiere craftsmanship will also be noticeable in your bottom line.

Server Racks

As a trusted provider of electro mechanical assemblies, we specialize in creating custom server racks for telecommunications applications. With our in-house, value-add capabilities, we design, build, and test specialty server racks, all built to code under our many certifications.

Electromechanical Assemblies

Tower Electronics

Electronic control panels and cable assemblies from FSE are specialized for use in communication towers and panels. Our 140,000 sq. ft. production facility is specially equipped to create control panels and assemblies for telecommunications infrastructure. Built and tested to exact specifications, customized telecommunications equipment from FSE is designed for the future.

Control Panels

Data Cabling

As a leading cable assembly manufacturer, FSE is proud to produce custom data cabling solutions that keep the world connected. With IPC-A-620 / J-STD-001 Class 3 capabilities, we specialize in telecom cables and fiber optics, as well as both high and low voltage power cables. Custom data cables from FSE are built to spec and backed by our end-to-end processes.

Cable Assemblies

End to End Solutions

The telecommunications industry is always growing and changing, and FSE is ready to provide solutions no matter what is around the corner. From sourcing and prototyping all the way to testing and logistics, FSE is committed to providing premiere solutions at every step of the way.

How We Can help

UL 508A, ISO 9001 And 14001 Certified
Quick Turn-Around Of Design And Product
On-Site Prototyping, Design, Engineering And Manufacturing
140,000 Square Foot Dedicated Facility
ESD And Humidity Controlled Manufacturing Floor
Vendor Management Inventory (VMI) Programs
Long-Term Raw Material And Finished Goods Storage
Customer Consignment Programs
100% Functionality And Quality Testing
Engineering And Technical Support

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