Military and Defense

FSE is a trusted source of electrical solutions for the United States Military and other defense organizations. We utilize the latest technology and have rigorous testing and quality assurance measures that ensure our mil spec electrical solutions are reliable, safe and secure.

Precision and Accuracy

At FSE we know that every second can affect your bottom line. We approach every industrial automation challenge with a commitment to craftsmanship, so that every job, big or small, is completely to the highest standard of quality. This promise is validated by our certifications, which include ISO 9001:2015, ITAR, and NIST 800-171.

Mil Spec Cable Assemblies

Cable assemblies provide the connection between electrical components, so they need to be durable and completely reliable so you don’t lose power – even for a second. When the ability to withstand harsh conditions and complete reliability are needed, our superiorly crafted mil spec cable assemblies rise to the occasion. Our custom solutions are tailored to your exacting specifications and tested under the toughest conditions.

Mil Spec Cable Assemblies

Mil Spec Box Builds

Our military box builds can be manufactured to rigorous specifications to provide superior levels of impact, weather, chemical and shock resistance. This includes protections for  things like high and low temperature shock, radiation, dropping, vibration, pressure changes, and harsh weather conditions such as rain, salt, humidity, dust, sand, ice, and extreme temperatures.

Mil Spec Electrical Box Builds

Mil Spec Connector Cables

We create only the highest quality and most durable mil spec electrical connectors for military and defense applications, meeting MIL-STD-810 testing criteria and ensuring resistance to corrosion and extreme temperatures.

Mil Spec Connector Cables

End to End Solutions

When it comes to powering the military, FSE has provided manufacturing solutions for some of the industry’s biggest challenges. And since we help with sourcing, design, prototyping, manufacturing and logistics, we can see all of your mil spec electrical manufacturing needs through to the finish line.

How We Can help

UL 508A, ISO 9001 And 14001 Certified
Quick Turn-Around Of Design And Product
On-Site Prototyping, Design, Engineering And Manufacturing
140,000 Square Foot Dedicated Facility
ESD And Humidity Controlled Manufacturing Floor
Vendor Management Inventory (VMI) Programs
Long-Term Raw Material And Finished Goods Storage
Customer Consignment Programs
100% Functionality And Quality Testing
Engineering And Technical Support

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